Win Without War

Ask Jack Reed to fight for progressive policies in the NDAA

This week, after weeks of back-door negotiations, the debate over the most contentiously fought defense policy bill in *years* - a bill that could END U.S. support for the war in Yemen, put up a massive roadblock to war with Iran, and DEFUND dangerous new nukes -- will reach a critical phase.

But unlike so many House bills that never make it onto the Senate floor, this time TWO BIG THINGS are different.

The defense policy bill has passed every year for over 50 years, so there’s no way for Senate Leader Mitch McConnel to duck the debate, AND there’s a crucial group of Republican Senators who have joined Democrat Senators to support similar measures in the past. 

This is critical LEVERAGE, and we’re calling on key Senator Jack Reed to use every ounce of it to secure progressive victories for national security.

Add your name now and ask Jack Reed to champion the House provisions CRITICAL to securing progressive wins on the NDAA!

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Ranking Member Reed, 

The House version of the FY2020 NDAA contains important provisions to reduce war and build peace. These provisions include blocking Trump from starting a war with Iran, ending the U.S. role in the conflict in Yemen, and denying funds for Trump’s dangerous, new “low-yield” nuclear weapons. We ask that you use your leverage and every tool at your disposal as Ranking Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee to ensure that these provisions stay in the final conferenced version of the NDAA. 

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