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Stop Bolton’s war with Iran!

We are in all-out crisis mode. Iran just shot down a U.S. drone — and whose airspace the drone was in is being disputed right now.

This marks a new escalation in a very tense situation — and with the Trump administration stacked with warmongers like National Security Advisor John Bolton, we're scared we are witnessing the beginning of a U.S.-Iran war.

Because this drone attack news, alongside the two tanker attacks news, comes on top of John Bolton and Mike Pompeo’s consistent moves to destroy any chance at diplomatic solutions with Iran. From the U.S. designating part of the Iranian military a “terrorist organization,” to killing the Iran Deal last year — it’s clear where we're headed and it's not looking good.

The Trump administration, led by Bolton, is stoking the flames of war with Iran. Add your name if you will do everything you can to stop John Bolton from waging a devastating war with Iran — the impacts of which will be felt the hardest by everyday Iranian and American people.  

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The American people do not support John Bolton’s escalatory rhetoric and actions to justify a needless, disastrous, and costly war with Iran. Our demand to the Trump administration is clear: No war with Iran!
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