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Support justice and the International Criminal Court!

Last month, the Trump administration announced sanctions on prosecutors of the International Criminal Court (ICC) — officials of an organization built to bring justice to the victims of the world’s gravest crimes.

Trump is unilaterally penalizing them with a foreign policy tool designed to punish tyrants, war criminals, and drug king pins in retaliation and to deter investigation of apparent abuses committed in Afghanistan.

Sanctioning the ICC flies in the face of justice, human dignity, and human rights — if those values mean anything to you, please join us in speaking out against this egregious misuse of authority and fight for the sanctions to be rescinded.

Sign this petition to show the world and the Court that we are united in support of international justice and against Trump’s attempts to further undermine the rule of law.

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The Trump administration’s sanctions on International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutors Fatou Bensouda and Phakiso Mochochoko are a new low. These sanctions only serve to undermine a critical institution and will leave people on the frontlines of incredible violence and crimes against humanity at even greater risk. 

Victims of serious crimes deserve their chance to seek and receive justice. I sign my name in support of the ICC.

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