Win Without War

Tell the Senate: End the shutdown, now.

Last week, paychecks didn’t arrive for federal workers. Safety inspections for everything from produce to water pollution are at a standstill.

Trump’s government shutdown is a national crisis.

The House has already passed a bill that would end this shutdown without funding Trump’s wall — but Mitch McConnell’s Senate is refusing to do the same. We need to raise a ruckus and make sure that every single senator hears that their constituents demand they take back their authority and end this crisis.

Tell the Senate: No wall. No shutdown. Open the government, now.

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To: The United States Senate

President Trump is holding our families, our health, and our livelihoods hostage over his racist, dangerous, ego-driven border wall. And with your inaction, you are letting him.

Please immediately pass legislation to reopen the government without funding Trump’s wall.

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