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Sec. Mattis: Stop the attacks on immigrant recruits!

Thousands of young immigrants recruited by the U.S. military for their language and medical skills are being flagged for “loyalty” in their security screenings—for reasons like calling their family members, or speaking out against other immigrant recruits being ousted out of the military.

The repeated attacks on immigrants in the military is unacceptable—especially at this moment of heightened xenophobic policies across the country. That’s why we are partnering with About Face: Veterans Against the War to demand Secretary of Defense James Mattis uphold dignity and respect for immigrants by investigating any anti-immigrant discrimination.

Sign today and tell Sec. Mattis to immediately investigate why immigrant recruits are being flagged as “disloyal” and not passing their security screenings!

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To: Secretary of Defense James Mattis,

You must launch an investigation into why immigrant recruits are not passing security screenings. There is no excuse for the repeated attacks on immigrants in the U.S. military!

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