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Congress: Block Trump’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia

As millions were celebrating the holidays, the Trump administration announced it would sell Saudi Arabia nearly $800 MILLION in weapons — 10,500 of the same bombs that they and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have used to kill Yemeni civilians for the last five years. 

2021 has to be the year we finally end U.S. support of the devastating Saudi- and Emirati-led war in Yemen — and we do that by challenging every single one of these sales at each possible step. Unfortunately, pushing the weapons sale forward now means Trump could wrap it up by the time Biden takes office on January 20th. That means we’ve got to jump into action and urge Congress to block these sales NOW — and we need your help in getting LOUD.

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To members of the U.S. Congress:

I urge you to immediately speak out against and commit to blocking Trump’s proposed sales of 7,500 Raytheon-made PGMs and 3,000 Boeing-made small-diameter bombs to Saudi Arabia. For too long, the United States has been complicit in the Emirati and Saudi governments' destruction of Yemen. We must hold Saudi Arabia accountable, not reward them with high-tech weaponry. 

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