Win Without War

Congress: Cut the Pentagon budget!

The threats that are killing us — a poor public health system, white supremacy, climate change — cannot be fixed with another multi-billion dollar fighter jet, multi-million dollar missiles, or multi-trillion dollar nuclear weapon systems.

President Biden could rein in Pentagon spending, but reports indicate he is set to recommend the SAME level of Pentagon spending as last year — the same amounts as Trump’s last budget request.

This is the polar opposite of where we need to be heading, so we’re working with progressive Representatives like Barbara Lee, Mark Pocan, and Jake Auchincloss for an all-out push to build support in Congress and pressure Biden’s team to STOP overfilling the Pentagon’s coffers.

Urge your Representatives to join the Lee-Pocan-Auchincloss letter and support cutting the Pentagon budget!

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To members of the U.S. House of Representatives:

The past year of the pandemic has revealed that our nation’s true security threats — a poor public health system, climate change, and white supremacy, to start — do not have military solutions. 

The Lee-Pocan-Auchincloss letter asks President Biden to request a lower fiscal year 2022 spending level for the Pentagon than in the previous year’s budget. We must begin decoupling our priorities from the war machine; I urge you to add your name to this important letter.

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