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Tell Congress: Stop the Patriot Act

By labeling journalists, activists, and Black Lives Matter protesters as “terrorists” and “extremists”, the Trump administration is DOUBLING DOWN on massive internet surveillance on people rising up to demand accountability and dismantle white supremacy across the country.

The Patriot Act – the two decades old law that created mass surveillance after 9/11 – is what allows Attorney General Bill Barr, the FBI, the NSA, and a whole slew of other intelligence agencies to do it. BUT we can stop their spying.

Congress is debating whether or not to renew this terrible, civil liberties trampling law right now, so we've got to get LOUD.

Sign now to tell Congress to reject the Patriot Act reauthorization and stop spying on the public.

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To U.S. Congress:

The Patriot Act has undermined civil liberties and personal privacy since its inception. The mass surveillance authorized under the Patriot Act has never been shown to be useful in preventing violent attacks. Instead, the Patriot Act has enabled a global surveillance dragnet, and has been weaponized time and again to spy on activists, impacted communities, and those exercising their constitutionally-protected rights. We demand you take every step possible to STOP a reauthorization of the Patriot Act and its legacy laws.

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