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Defy Trump’s Trans Ban!

The governors of four states just did an end run around Trump to defy his Trans Ban for their states’ National Guard troops — roughly 10% of all National Guard servicemembers!

This is awesome — and we can double it! Two states with the highest proportion of National Guard troops — New York and Pennsylvania — haven’t joined in yet, and if they did, almost one in five National Guard troops would be exempt from the hateful trans ban.

Both states’ governors have national aspirations — which means a huge public national call on them to step up could really work! Add your name to call on them Defy Trump’s Trans Ban!

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To New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf,

Trump’s ban on transgender troops serving our nation is not just hateful, it’s a dangerous attack on trans communities. We urge you to join California, Nevada, Washington State, Oregon, and New Mexico — and exclude National Guard servicemembers in your state from Trump’s Trans Ban.

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