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Secretary Esper must answer questions on landmines!

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In early 2020, the Trump administration quietly ended existing U.S. prohibitions against the use of landmines. This is a huge and dangerous step backwards.

As hospitals around the world are overwhelmed with the coronavirus crisis, the Trump administration is removing prohibitions on landmines that kill and injure tens of thousands of people every year in Afghanistan, Burma, Cambodia, Egypt, Somalia, Iran, Laos, and beyond. We deserve answers.

Thankfully, Senator Pat Leahy and Representative Jim McGovern are leading a bicameral letter demanding Secretary of Defense Esper answer questions about the policy reversal and its implementation. It closes at the end of April, meaning we have just days left to get as many members of Congress on board as possible.

Will you write your member of Congress and urge them to sign on and ask Secretary Esper to explain and defend the decision to end landmines prohibitions?


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