Win Without War

Open Letter to 2020 Candidates on Progressive Foreign Policy

The 2020 presidential election is underway. And if we don't step in, the foreign policy debate will be more of the status quo: Jockeying to look tough by doubling down on failed military strategies and silence on the massive human toll of America’s endless wars.

We can’t let that happen. Win Without War members have a huge chance to get the candidates — and the country — buzzing about what a truly progressive foreign policy would look like. But we’ve got to intervene right away.

Add your name to the open letter demanding 2020 candidates issue a progressive foreign policy platform!

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Dear 2020 presidential candidates,

We, the activists of Win Without War, demand that you issue a foreign policy platform grounded in progressive values of human rights, accountable governance, and economic, racial, gender, and environmental justice for all.

We demand an end to the United States’ role as the largest purveyor of violence in the world and insist on foreign policy strategies that foreground diplomacy and human dignity.

We invite you to join us in building a world where our progressive values don’t stop at our borders.


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