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Urge Biden: Call for UN sanctions on Erik Prince

In a 121-page report, investigators detail Blackwater founder and former CEO Erik Prince’s numerous violations of a UN embargo on arms sales to Libya, as well as other clear violations of international law. 

Prince must face UN sanctions for selling arms to Libya. But without clear support from the U.S. government, he’s not likely to face any justice or accountability for these crimes. 

Before we all move on from Donald Trump and four years of corruption by his inner circle, they must be held to account. If nothing happens it only emboldens future crooks and criminals. 

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To: President Biden

To “build back better” we need a foundation of accountability. 

I urge you to publicly support UN sanctions on Erik Prince for his role in violating the UN embargo on weapons sales to Libya. A recently released UN report confirms overwhelming evidence of his wrongdoing.

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