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Tell Congress: End Private Defense Contractors

To: U.S. House of Representatives

Disgraced former Blackwater CEO Erik Prince is pushing a deadly plan to privatize the war in Afghanistan. His scheme would prolong the violence and cost many more lives.

This Saturday, October 6th, marks the 17th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan. We must end this tragic war, not fuel even more suffering by handing over control to Erik Prince and his mercenaries.

Please oppose Erik Prince’s dangerous plan by cosponsoring H.R.6534, which would end the use of private defense contractors in U.S. wars.

Erik Prince — the disgraced former Blackwater CEO whose employees were prosecuted for murdering civilians in Iraq — is pushing a deadly plan to privatize the 17-year-long war in Afghanistan.

But Rep. Jan Schakowsky has introduced a bill that would help slow Prince’s plan. Her bill, H.R. 6534, would end the use of private military contractors in United States wars. It’s common sense, it’s long overdue, and it’s absolutely critical.

Tell your Member of Congress : As the war in Afghanistan turns 17, don’t prolong the suffering by letting Prince take the reins for his own profit.

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