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Tell Congress: Investigate the Afghanistan Papers NOW!

The Afghanistan Papers dropped — exposing that senior U.S. officials withheld key pieces of information for the past 18 years, including that the war was unwinnable, failing every single metric. 

In other words: the Afghanistan Papers exposed that U.S. war in Afghanistan has been — and still is today — built entirely on blatant lies. 

We HAVE to use the momentum of the Afghanistan Papers to push as hard as we can to end the endless U.S. war in Afghanistan. This starts with hauling the liars who have been enabling this endless war into Congress to say publicly, under oath, what we now know they admit behind closed doors. It is time for the truth.

Tell Congress: Investigate the Afghanistan Papers NOW and end endless war! 

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To members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Armed Services Committee, and Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence; and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Armed Services Committee, and Select Committee on Intelligence:

The truths of war exposed in the Afghanistan Papers are a stain on human history and show that Congress MUST end the war in Afghanistan. I urge you to open public investigations into the revelations revealed by the Afghanistan Papers!

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