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Tell Congress: Speak Out Against Intervention in Venezuela

Trump is threatening a military invasion in Venezuela and appointed disgusting war crime enabler Elliott Abrams to run the show.

Progressive leaders like Rep. Ilhan Omar showed real fire and moral clarity in exposing Abrams’ horrific record and making it WAY harder for Trump and Abrams to quietly launch yet another devastating war of choice driven by ego and oil.

Now, we need to demand ALL of Congress show Rep. Omar’s backbone and oppose U.S. military action in Venezuela led by genocide enabler Elliott Abrams!

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To: The United States Congress

President Trump is threatening an invasion of Venezuela with the help of war crime enabler Elliott Abrams who helped cover up genocides in Central America and was convicted of lying to Congress about the Iran-Contra affair. Invading Venezuela would only add to the United States’ history of ruinous military interventions and would risk spiraling into a costly and devastating war of choice.

Please speak out immediately to oppose any military intervention in Venezuela.

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