Win Without War

Tell the House: Don't Rubber-Stamp Laser Drones

Trump just announced a ludicrous and dangerous plan to build laser drones to fire at North Korean missiles. Normally, Trump would get every dime he demanded for his dangerous military schemes. But that could be changing.

Senator Bernie Sanders just issued a huge public call for Democrats to stop rubber-stamping the astronomically large defense budget and to instead fund transformative progressive policies like Medicare for all, a Green New Deal, or universal pre-K.

Add your name to stand with Bernie and tell the House: don’t rubber-stamp ridiculous defense spending.

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To: The United States House of Representatives

I stand with Senator Bernie Sanders’ call to rein in the United States’ dangerous, out-of-control military spending. We must put public dollars into building true safety and security — not fueling violence and stuffing defense CEOs’ pockets. Please oppose President Trump’s proposed Pentagon budget.

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