Win Without War

Write Congress on Afghanistan & Pentagon budget & Police militarization!

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If the pandemic, uprisings against white supremacy, record job losses, and swelling mass evictions have taught us ANYTHING, it’s that what we resource, and who our budgets prioritize, are life and death decisions.

And as Congress decides the ENORMOUS Pentagon budget for the coming year as part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), it’s more important than EVER for people to weigh in. To demand that Congress stop endlessly filling Pentagon and arms industry coffers that fuel war and death around the world and INSTEAD resource our communities — fund healthcare, education, and invest in peace and life everywhere.

So we need to get loud! Let's urge our representatives to cut the Pentagon budget by 10%, end war in Afghanistan, and stop military weapons transfers to police departments when they vote on the NDAA.

Write your representative to defund war and invest in peace today!


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