Win Without War

It’s time the Pentagon — NOT essential services —saw budget cuts!

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At the heart of the federal budget lies an unsettling truth: BILLIONS more dollars are plowed toward the Pentagon every year while the programs that sustain people's lives wither away.

The Pentagon’s notorious $640 toilet seats, $37 screws, and billions in administrative waste aren't anecdotes. These line items underscore a systemic problem of wasteful spending. To comprehend the consequences, consider this: Pentagon spending could fund the Departments of Education. State, AND Agriculture several times over. 

That disparity could deepen. Right now, as the House Freedom Caucus pushes us closer to shutdown by demanding spending cuts and MAGA policy concessions, Congress is simultaneously about to sign off on a record-breaking $886 BILLION Pentagon budget.

Every dollar spent on yet another unnecessary and dangerous nuclear weapon not only accelerates an arms race — it’s also a dollar not used to tackle escalating social issues from rising income inequality to declining healthcare access.

The House Freedom Caucus would weaken the very pillars that uphold our society — education, healthcare, infrastructure, and more — to get their way. The good news? We can get even louder than that congressional minority to demand something different. 

Every time we pressure our members of Congress, we hold them accountable and remind them we’re watching. But that’s not all — we ALSO give them the political space they need to build a safer, more sustainable future we all want and deserve. 

That looks like putting the people’s needs over weapons contractors’ profits. Taking action today brings us one step closer to our communities having the resources they need to thrive. Can we count on you to join in?

Update the letter below with your story and tell your members of Congress that any budgetary cuts should address the Pentagon's excesses, rather than strip the already under-funded social programs we all rely on.

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