Win Without War

We demand accountability for U.S. drone warfare!

Since 2001, thousands of people have reportedly been killed by U.S. drone strikes across Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan — the actual number is unknown. 

What is clear however, is that the devastation caused by the August 29 strike that killed Zemari Ahmadi and multiple members of his family is only the latest tragedy in an era of endless war, where apparent war crimes have become acceptable. 

In 2019 we successfully demanded an investigation of Trump’s use of troops at the southern U.S. border by the Department of Defense Inspector General (DoD IG). It’s time we do it again — now to investigate the civilian casualties caused by the  Pentagon’s use of drone warfare in Afghanistan over the last twenty years. 

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To Department of Defense Acting Inspector General Sean O’Donnell:

From the U.S. drone war in Afghanistan to Yemen to Somalia, the Department of Defense has failed to hold itself accountable for the civilian lives it has taken or destroyed. I call on you to open an investigation into the civilian casualties and other human rights violations caused by the Department of Defense’s drone strikes over the last twenty years in Afghanistan. 


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