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Tell Pres. Biden: Secure a ceasefire in Gaza to save lives in Rafah and beyond.

The Israeli government continues to threaten an all-out offensive on Rafah, the last “safe” zone from the incessant bombardment and fighting in Gaza. The latest reports indicate that such an assault could happen by Ramadan. That’s just days away.

Approximately 1.5 million people are sheltering in Rafah, the vast majority of them displaced by the Israeli military’s bombs in the north. They are scared, starving, and desperate.

An assault on Rafah would be a disaster. The U.S. is likely the only government in the world able to sway the Israeli government away from this disastrous plan — and that’s why we can’t let up our pressure on the Biden administration for one second.

The whole world is watching. The Biden administration must act now. Can you take 30 seconds to push them to do all they can to secure a ceasefire that can save lives in Gaza and beyond?

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To President Biden:

Further escalation in Gaza will only push the region into further violence and cause more unnecessary suffering and death. I urge you to do all you can to secure an immediate ceasefire.

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