Win Without War

Tell Pres. Biden: Put human rights front and center at the State of the Union!

Whether by selling fighter jets to Turkey or missiles to Saudi Arabia, President Biden has made it clear that he has miles to go to fulfill his promise to “revitalize our national commitment to advancing human rights and democracy around the world.”

If the President wants to be remembered as a leader who prioritized human rights, the next 24 months will be CRUCIAL. And we have an urgent opportunity to do it now. In just a few weeks, President Biden will set the stage for the remainder of his first term at the State of the Union address. 

One way he can make it clear that he’s ready to make good on his campaign promise is by inviting a human rights activist to attend the State of the Union as a White House guest. With this simple act, President Biden can send human rights abusers across the globe a powerful message that their era of unchecked power and corruption is ending. The problem? It won’t happen unless thousands of activists like you speak up and call for President Biden to send it.

Add your name now to remind President Biden that people everywhere deserve better than a foreign policy built on weapons and war, and that he still has time to put us on the right path.

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To President Biden:

I urge you to center justice and accountability during this year’s State of the Union by inviting a human rights activist as your personal guest.


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