Win Without War

Tell Pres. Biden: Renew this ceasefire now.

For seven critical days, a ceasefire in Israel and Gaza worked. Lives were saved. 110 hostages taken by Hamas were reunited with their families, and more than 300 Palestinian women and children were released from detention by the Israeli government. Hundreds of aid trucks carrying vital necessities — food, water, medical supplies, fuel, and more — made it into Gaza.

However, within minutes of the temporary ceasefire expiring, the Israeli government resumed its devastating bombing campaign in Gaza, and Hamas fired rockets into Israel.

We need to redouble our work to save lives before the violence escalates even further. The parties must resume this ceasefire as quickly as possible and use it to create a lasting, sustainable peace. Diplomacy, NOT military action, saved lives and returned hostages to their families — and that’s why we need to see a renewed push to negotiate now.

Can you take two seconds to add your voice to our urgent petition calling on the Biden administration to redouble diplomatic efforts to renew the ceasefire?

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To President Biden:

For seven critical days, the ceasefire in Israel and Gaza worked to save lives. Now, with violence resuming, I urge you to continue to do everything you can to ensure the parties remain at the negotiating table and renew the ceasefire.

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