Win Without War

Pres. Biden must do all he can to avoid devastation in Rafah

As tanks roll into Rafah, our message is clear: Not one more U.S.-made shell, bullet, or bomb should be given to the Netanyahu government in pursuit of this catastrophe.

Over one million starving and scared people are huddled in Rafah, many after coming there from being forced out of their homes. Some were given just hours to flee — and even before that unreasonably small window of time had elapsed, the IDF started raining down bombs.

This isn’t about self-defense. This isn’t about making anyone in Israel, Palestine, or anywhere safe. If Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu proceeds down this path families will have to choose between being torn apart by explosives or pushed across the border and likely permanently displaced.

U.S. credibility — and hundreds of thousands of lives — are on the line. President Biden has to be ready to respond, and that’s where you come in.

So far, President Biden has been reluctant to stop the steady flow of U.S. weapons that flow to the IDF, but momentum is building for him to change course. It’s time to use every ounce of U.S. government influence possible.

What happens next could change everything. Add your name now to send President Biden a clear, unified message: The U.S. government must secure a ceasefire and stop an assault on Rafah, and condition offensive weapons to Israel to make sure it happens.

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The U.S. government must do all it can to secure a ceasefire immediately and stop an assault on Rafah — including conditioning offensive weapons to Israel.

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