Win Without War

Tell President Biden: Cut Pentagon emissions and help save the planet!

Climate events like atmospheric rivers, hurricanes, and heatwaves are only becoming more dangerous and deadly — but so far, any plan to address the crisis has had a giant Pentagon-shaped hole.

Here’s the facts: The Pentagon is the single largest institutional greenhouse gas emitter on the planet. Just one jet, the B-52 Stratofortress, consumes about as much fuel in an hour as the average car driver uses in seven years. According to recent estimates, the U.S. war machine pumps out more emissions than 140 other countries — and ALL this pollution is exempt from our current climate goals.

A world on fire is not a foregone conclusion — and luckily, we have a crucial opportunity to change course today: The president is putting the final touches on next year’s federal budget now. That means President Biden can reprioritize people and the planet, and decrease the worst effects of the Pentagon’s pollution with the stroke of a pen. Can you join our call to make it happen?

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To President Biden:

I urge you to prioritize cutting Pentagon emissions in the President’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2025.

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