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Congrats and thank you for your work, Azmat Khan!

Azmat Khan has documented the deadly cost of the relentless U.S. air wars. She told stories of people in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, and how their lives are impacted by death that falls from the skies — and her critical work was just recognized with a Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting! 

U.S. air wars are primarily waged by drones that promise precision. But in reality, they’re waged with bad intelligence and zero accountability. These inhuman killing machines are operated from thousands of miles away, and they wreck lives indiscriminately. 

The Pentagon knows it, we know it, and now, so does the world — thanks to Khan’s critical investigative reporting. Will you join us and congratulate Azmat Khan on this achievement?

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To Professor Khan:

Win Without War and grassroots activists around the country would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations on your 2022 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting! Your work shed a light on the cost of the U.S. air wars, and we are grateful to you for the stories you told. 


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