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Congress: We need an assault weapons ban NOW

Colorado Springs. Charlottesville, Raleigh, Memphis, Greenwood, Highland Park, Newark, Harlem, Philadelphia. Tulsa. Uvalde, Laguna Woods, Buffalo, Milwaukee, Sacramento, Dumas, Milwaukee. This year’s horrifying list of mass shootings goes on and on. 

The venues and victims of those shootings vary — grocery stores and nightclubs, children and churchgoers But one thing that’s almost always common is the weapon of choice used to commit the violence: An assault weapon. 

The violence caused with these weapons of war must stop, and we can make that happen by cutting the supply off at the source: The U.S. gun market. 

Pundits and the press are too eager to say it’ll never happen. They claim that there is no way the Senate will pass an assault weapons ban. But here’s the thing: They said the same about the gun control bill that PASSED in the House earlier this year. 

We’ve seen more progress to get weapons of war off our streets in 2022 than ever before — and we need to go further. It’s time to remind Congress that we’re STILL paying attention — and that we will keep demanding action: now, during the lame-duck session, and into the new year.

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To members of the 117th U.S. Congress:

Weapons of war do not belong in our streets or anywhere else. I urge you to pass legislation to ban assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines immediately.


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