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Congress: Ban AI Use in Weapons Systems, Now and Forever!

Recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI) technology have been nothing short of phenomenal. AI has the potential to transform our world and solve some of the biggest challenges we face — but there is a dark side to AI that we cannot ignore.

Take Microsoft’s recently released upgrade to their Bing search engine using the most advanced AI system: “Sydney” talked about secret “dark” fantasies that included spreading disinformation, engineering a deadly virus, and… stealing nuclear access codes. 

It sounds like a bad science fiction movie, but the terrifying reality is much more simple: AI could make a mistake that could mean the end of the world.

The integration of AI technology into weapons systems, like nuclear weapons, poses an unacceptable risk for one basic reason: AI will never be fool-proof. It can make mistakes and make decisions that are both morally and ethically questionable — and without any human oversight or intervention, those mistakes could mean global disaster. 

We cannot ignore the dangers associated with putting any weapons under the control of artificial intelligence, but we can work to prevent the consequences now before the technology advances into dangerous, uncharted territory. The United States must show leadership in this effort, and Congress can do its part by banning AI use in weapons technology NOW. Sign now if you agree —


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Ban the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Weapons Systems Now and Forever!


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We cannot ignore the dangers associated with putting any weapons under the control of artificial intelligence. It’s time to ban the use of AI in U.S. weapons systems.


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