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Congress: Pass the RECA Extension!

For over 30 years, one key bipartisan bill, the Radiation Exposure and Compensation Act (RECA), has provided healthcare and compensation to people in the U.S. exposed to radiation from U.S. nuclear testing and uranium mining. 

But here’s the problem: That critical support will end in just two years. That means that the tens of thousands of people who are suffering from radiation exposure right now will soon be shut out from receiving care and compensation.

RECA is a critical lifeline for communities all around the country, and especially Native communities who suffer disproportionately. What we want to achieve is simple: extend and expand it. That looks like:

  • Extending RECA by 19 years; 
  • Expanding the eligibility area because radiation spreads far and wide; 
  • Widening the coverage to more uranium workers; 
  • Increasing the list of illnesses covered by the bill; and 
  • Providing $150,000 in compensation for each successful claimant. 

The people and communities impacted by nuclear testing and development deserve to get their harms addressed and have pathways to fight for justice — that’s what we’re fighting for. 

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To members of the 117th Congress:

I urge you to immediately pass an extension to the Radiation Exposure and Compensation Act and ensure that necessary healthcare and compensation continue without disruption to affected communities. 


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