Win Without War

Tell Congress: It’s time to put the PEOPLE before the Pentagon!

Russia’s war in Ukraine has slogged on for several brutal weeks — and in the wake of this unfathomable human tragedy, weapons contractors are salivating at the prospect of a windfall in increased war spending. And it looks like they’ll get their wish: President Biden’s proposed FY2023 Pentagon budget is $813,000,000,000 — an increase of $30 BILLION over last year’s already eye-popping topline.

President Biden’s budget proposal ensures more of the same, and now it is up to Congress to implement it — and we’re already hearing that hawkish legislators are gearing up to pile even MORE cash in the Pentagon’s pot.

That’s why, before they do, WE have to remind Congress to prioritize the PEOPLE over the Pentagon.

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To members of the 117th Congress: 

Instead of investing in the health and safety of our communities, President Biden’s proposed Pentagon budget will funnel more unaccountable money into the war machine. I urge you to spend less on weapons and wars, and more on our communities.

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