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Congress: Stop the Pentagon’s secret proxy wars

When the Pentagon funds and fights secret wars around the world, it’s not only dangerous and outrageous — it’s potentially unconstitutional. Congress, not the Pentagon, holds the authority to wage war, but even government officials note that many in Congress don’t know this is happening. 

Luckily, a huge chance to push back on the Pentagon’s shady behavior is coming up fast. Right now, the Senate is quietly considering pouring more money into and codifying (i.e., making permanent) the Pentagon’s power to wage war under the “1202 authority” — warmaking that has NO public insight and NO real congressional oversight.

That’s why we’re launching an urgent campaign to push back. Our first step is getting this shady program on Congress’s radar, and the second is making it clear that we don’t want any warmaking powers — secret or not — made permanent. Can you sound the alarm and wake Congress up by sending your senators an urgent message now?

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To members of the 117th Senate:

Congress has the sole authority to wage war, not the Pentagon, but recent reports revealed that the Pentagon is using obscure funding streams to operate in the shadows with little to no oversight through its 127e, 1202, and 1057 programs. 

Congress is currently considering codifying and increasing funding for the 1202 authority as part of the National Defense Authorization Act, and I urge you to reject any efforts to make this program permanent or add more money to it.


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