Win Without War

Tell Congress to work towards a world that is free of nuclear weapons!

What we know for sure is that in the next few weeks, the Senate is going to pass the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023. What we don’t know for sure is if an amendment dedicated to supporting the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) will make it into the final version. 

Back in the summer, Rep. Bill Foster (D-IL) successfully introduced an amendment to fund the CTBTO in the House version of the NDAA. And now that amendment is being debated and discussed in bicameral conference negotiations to hammer out the final legislation. 

Right now, U.S. law restricts Congress from fully funding the CTBTO, an international organization dedicated to promoting a universal ban on nuclear testing and establishing a global verification regime to curb destructive tests. This key piece of legislation is a progressive priority, and it was a win for our movement when we passed it in the House. 

If we want to see a world peaceful and free of nuclear weapons, it is CRITICAL that this amendment stays in and passes the Senate. Negotiations over this amendment are happening behind closed doors right now, and grassroots pressure from activists like you could be the key to safeguarding its passage.

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To Members of the 117th Congress: 

I urge you to pass Sec. 1345 of H.R. 7900, which repeals the restrictions placed on the U.S. government against supporting and funding the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization. Congress needs to fully fund international efforts to prevent the dangerous and destabilizing testing of nuclear weapons.


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