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Cut the New Navy Nuke from the Pentagon Budget!

President Biden’s latest Pentagon budget proposed MILLIONS for new Sea-Launched Cruise Missiles (SLCMs): nukes already rejected by *four* previous administrations, and that Navy officials themselves think would cause too many problems. 

Congress is deciding the budget now, and so far — in no small part because of the enormous grassroots pressure from activists like yourself — we’ve kept these dangerous nukes on the chopping block!

But we need to go further. The committee chair is the ONE who determines which bills go to a vote, and whether they are prioritized. That means it’s time to remind Appropriations Chairman Leahy what a disaster this nuke would be — because if we get him fully on board, we can stop SLCMs for good. 

Will you send a quick message to Chairman Leahy asking him to cut this dangerous and unnecessary new nuclear weapon from the Pentagon budget?

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To Senate Appropriations Chair Leahy:

Nuclear-armed “Sea-Launched Cruise Missiles” are dangerous and unnecessary new weapons that have already been rejected by four previous Republican and Democratic administrations. They have no place in the Biden budget. I urge you to use your power as chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee to reject funding for this unnecessary new weapon.

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