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Act Now to Say U.S. Foreign Policy Isn’t Pay-to-Play!

For YEARS, activists and human rights groups have questioned and challenged U.S. military aid to the Egyptian government under president Abdel-Fatah al Sisi, which looks like up to $1.3 BILLION in “foreign military financing” annually. 

Congress could have turned off the funding stream at multiple opportunities — and we now know at least one reason they didn’t: Senator Menendez, as the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair, allegedly worked behind the scenes to keep the funds flowing. 

Recent funds include an additional $235 MILLION that the Biden administration greenlit to Egypt earlier this month. With just days left in the fiscal year, those tainted hundreds of millions of dollars could slip through — and send a troubling signal that the U.S. government is open for pay-to-play. 

That is, unless activists like you, who believe in justice and accountability, speak up now. With Senator Cardin — who has questioned military aid to Egypt in the past —stepping in as Chair on Senate Foreign Relations we have a unique opportunity to remind the world that U.S. foreign policy is NOT up to the highest bidder. 

The stakes are too high to stay silent. Tell Congress to withhold the remaining $235 million of “security “assistance slated for Egypt!

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To members of the 118th Congress:

Allegations that Senator Menendez accepted bribes to benefit the Egyptian government are cause for alarm and urgent action. I call on you to do all you can to withhold the remaining $235 million in security assistance slated for the Egypt government before the end of the fiscal year.

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