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Tell House and Senate Oversight: Investigate the F-35

Here’s the deal — if you’re paying that $2 TRILLION for a plane, don’t you want to at least make sure that it can get in the air? Soar through the clouds and see the bright blue sky? Because right now, it consistently can’t.

To date, just 30% of F-35s can perform as intended. Failure after failure has plagued the program: flawed ejection seats, delays in production, frequent groundings — not to mention that time the plane shot itself.

The kicker? Despite all of these flashing red light warnings, the Pentagon just signed off on a full-rate production of the F-35 — but not before it also moved to classify its own report on the plane’s combat effectiveness.

The Pentagon cannot be allowed to sweep the F-35's massive problems under the rug any longer. Congress must open an immediate investigation into how the Pentagon could sign off on full-rate production of an aircraft this deeply flawed.

Add your name to demand that the House and Senate Oversight Committees investigate the F-35 now!


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To the House and Senate Oversight Committees:

We deserve to know more about how the Pentagon is spending our tax dollars. I urge you to immediately open an investigation into the failures of the F-35 program and make any findings public.

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