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Let’s thank senators who voted down an Iran deal poison pill!

The Senate recently voted in favor of the poison pill — 62 to 33 — a deeply troubling let-down for those of us pushing for a foreign policy that centers diplomacy over war, seeks to eliminate nuclear weapons, and frees ordinary people from collective economic punishment — key aspects of the Iran nuclear deal.

While this was not the outcome we worked for, we know it’s important to express our gratitude to the 33 senators who did the right thing by voting against this shameless effort to sabotage diplomacy with Iran.

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To members of the U.S. Senate who voted against the Lankford MTI:

Thank you for supporting diplomacy and voting against Senator Lankford’s Motion to Instruct that threatened the U.S. return to the Iran nuclear deal. We always expected a fight over President Biden’s efforts to rejoin the deal — and that’s why it’s so important that members of Congress like you keep showing up for diplomacy and peace.


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