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Tell Congress: Pass the RECA Bill and Support Radiation Exposure Victims

The good news is — the Senate has passed a bill to extend the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) and now it’s headed to the House of Representatives.

The RECA bill acknowledges the pain and loss visited upon communities across the nation who suffered the consequences of nuclear weapons testing and uranium mining. It also recognizes a wider range of radiation-related illnesses and establishes a grant program to study the epidemiological impacts of uranium mining. This legislation will extend the compensation program for another six years and expand eligibility to more geographic areas, including parts of Idaho, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Guam, and all of Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.

But the fight for justice is far from over, as current benefits expire in June. This means the House needs to pass this bill ASAP and send it to the White House. We need activists to speak out right now before time runs out.

Tell your representative to take swift action and pass the RECA extension bill before the current benefits expire in June.


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To the House of Representatives:

I urge you to immediately take up and pass the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act. Justice and compensation provided to victims of radiation exposure must not be allowed to expire.

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