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Add Your Name to Defend the International Criminal Court!

In a distressing callback to Trump-era politics, the Biden administration is reportedly open to imposing sanctions on the International Criminal Court (ICC).

This could look like imposing asset freezes and travel bans — the same foreign policy tools designed to punish tyrants, war criminals, and drug kingpins — on officials of an organization built to bring justice to victims of atrocities like genocide, rape as a weapon of war, and war crimes.

Sanctioning the ICC flies in the face of justice, accountability, and human rights. What’s more, threats to do so only further isolate the United States on the world stage — at the very moment when U.S. leadership could be pivotal in securing a ceasefire that can end months of horrific violence, bring hostages home and create a path to peace in Israel and Palestine.

Allegations of grave crimes must be fully investigated and prosecuted. Whether it is addressing all forms of violence, kidnapping, and murder we saw at the hands of Hamas on October 7 or the indiscriminate bombings and famine at the hands of the Israeli government, the ICC has a key role to play in finding justice.

That’s why we’re asking you to join thousands of others and speak out with a unified voice to tell President Biden: Show up for justice and support the ICC prosecutors in their pursuit of this crucial human rights goal.

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To President Biden:

Sanctioning the ICC or its officials would only leave people, particularly people in Israel and Palestine, on the frontlines of incredible violence and who face crimes against humanity at even greater risk.

Victims and survivors of serious crimes deserve their chance to seek and receive justice. I sign my name in support of the ICC and urge that you avoid any retaliatory actions against it.

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