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Pres. Biden: Kids don’t belong in cages!

President Biden is dangerously close to reopening a horrific chapter of U.S. history.

Recently, The New York Times reported that his administration is actually considering reinstating family detention. What was true during the Trump administration remains true today: Imprisoning children and families who are fleeing violence and harm is unacceptably cruel. 

The good news is this isn’t a done deal, and President Biden has reversed course in the face of massive grassroots pressure before. That’s why, before this policy is finalized, we need your help to demand President Biden firmly close the chapter on family detention.

Sign now to send a clear and resounding message to President Biden: Kids don’t belong in cages. Do not reinstate Trump’s family detention policy.

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To President Biden,

Family detention remains a horrific chapter of U.S. history that is far from closed, with nearly 1,000 families still separated years after it formally ended. Reports that your administration is considering reinstating Trump’s family detention policy are deeply distressing.

I urge you to move us away from this dark chapter, repair the harm of the past, and build an immigration policy rooted in humanity and dignity. Children don’t belong in cages.


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