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No more weapons sales to Saudi Arabia!

President Biden’s back from his visit to Saudi Arabia and what’s potentially back on the table is offensive weapons sales to the kingdom. 

According to news reports officials in the Biden administration have been discussing lifting the ban on offensive weapons sales to Saudi Arabia. The U.S. government placed restrictions and banned offensive weapons sales after intense grassroots pressure by Yemeni and U.S. activists like you. 

Make no mistake, the U.S. is still selling weapons to Saudi Arabia to the tune of over $126.6 billion in current sales. But they’re now considering selling even more weapons including precision guided munitions. But the good news is, the decision hasn’t been made yet. Administration officials are still discussing whether to sell more weapons — which gives us, progressive activists, a window of opportunity to act. 

We know we can have an impact here — because we’ve done it before. We’re going to send a loud message to the White House to let them know that we oppose any new arms sales to Saudi Arabia. And we’re not alone on this, our allies and champions in Congress have taken on this issue and there are administration officials who are also on our side. These discussions are happening now — and given the fragile truce in Yemen the last thing the region needs is more weapons.

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To President Biden:

We are deeply concerned by the news reporting that your administration is considering lifting restrictions on the offensive weapons sales to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We urge you to keep your campaign promise and end the war in Yemen through diplomatic means as you have been doing. We believe that offensive weapon sales to Saudi Arabia would undermine that aim. 


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