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Sign now if you want to know: What is the U.S. (still) doing in Yemen?

After nearly a decade of civil war, the humanitarian crisis in Yemen is dire. Millions are suffering from starvation, disease, and displacement. President Biden ran on a commitment to END U.S. complicity in Yemen, but there is troubling evidence U.S. drone strikes have continued.

Evidence from 2023 paints a concerning picture, and the possibility of U.S. drone strikes occurring in Marib in January and February leaves us begging the question: What is the U.S. military doing in Yemen?

We deserve answers. U.S. silence, coupled with a distressing history of secrecy, is deeply troubling. We must work to ensure that the shadows over U.S. operations in Yemen are lifted — and it starts at the top by pushing the president for greater transparency.

It's time to break the silence. Demand the Biden administration provide a full, detailed account of U.S. operations in Yemen. We deserve it. The world deserves it. And most importantly, Yemenis deserve it.

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I urge you to provide an updated, and detailed account of offensive and defensive U.S. operations in Yemen.

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