Win Without War

Congress: Cut the Pentagon Budget!

Defense lobbyists have completely co-opted this country’s budget priorities to hand taxpayer dollar after taxpayer dollar to weapons manufacturers — instead of focusing our resources where they’re needed most.

So while the West Coast burns and renters who lost their jobs during the pandemic rely on a handful of brave lawmakers holding sit-ins on the Capitol steps to protect them from eviction, defense corporations get to sit back as the Democratic-led Senate Armed Services Committee pads the Pentagon budget with an *additional* $37 BILLION.

It’s time for a fundamental reckoning and we need every one of our activists with us while we work furiously, side-by-side with a small, but powerful cohort of lawmakers to stop a rubber-stamp of one of the biggest Pentagon budgets in history.

Because here’s the thing: this increase won’t happen without the House of Representatives in tow. And you can help: add your name and urge your Rep. to cut the Pentagon budget today!

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To members of the U.S. House of Representatives:

Never has it been more clear that our nation’s true security threats — a poor public health system, climate change, and white supremacy, to start — do not have military solutions. 

We must decouple our priorities from the war machine; I urge you to support H.Res.476, which calls for hundreds-of-billions in cuts to the Pentagon budget.


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