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Demand the Pentagon compensate civilians harmed in U.S. airstrikes

Pentagon operations often use military speak to hide that they often kill the wrong people with little to no accountability for the resulting trauma.

The case of Luul Dahir Mohamed and her daughter Mariam, killed in a 2018 U.S. drone strike in Somalia, exemplifies this systemic indifference. Acknowledged by a military investigation, their family's quest for justice and closure continues to be met with silence from those responsible.

This is just one of many examples where the Pentagon has gone silent. These cases we see are not just numbers but stories of human lives, dreams unfulfilled, and families torn apart. The Pentagon's reluctance to use its allocated funds for past victims, choosing instead to focus only on future harm, is unacceptable.

We cannot be silent while those impacted by U.S. military actions are left without support. Demand the Pentagon compensate civilians harmed in U.S. airstrikes.

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To Secretary Lloyd Austin:

I urge you to promptly compensate the families of innocent civilians harmed by Department of Defense operations abroad.

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