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Tell Your Rep: Put the people over the Pentagon

This is bad: there’s a decent chance we could see the Pentagon budget reach $1 TRILLION this year. Right now, GOP hawks in the Senate are racing forward to spend BILLIONS — more than what was originally requested or was approved by the House — on unnecessary nukes and fighter jets that can’t fly. At the same time, they’re rejecting funding to support health, education, and climate response.

But by reprioritizing our resources, the U.S. government can begin to build a budget that works for people like you and me — and we have a critical chance to push back now.

Earlier this summer, Reps. Lee (D-CA.) and Pocan (D-WI) introduced the People Over Pentagon Act of 2022. This urgently needed and long overdue legislation would cut $100 billion from the Pentagon budget and get our spending priorities back in order.

It might seem like a long shot, but if we actually want to see a national budget that meets OUR needs, instead of profiting weapons contractors, it’s legislation like this that will lead the way. If you want a budget that works for the PEOPLE, not weapons contractors or war-hawks, join us to send a message to your representative now: Cut the Pentagon budget!


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To members of the 117th House of Representatives:

The challenges we face won’t be solved with more weapons or more war, yet every year the Pentagon budget grows larger and larger, while our community misses out on critical funding for health care, education, and more. I urge you to work to cut the Pentagon budget and cosponsor H.R. 8040, the People Over Pentagon Act of 2022.


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