Win Without War

Call on Pres. Biden to Fight for Compassionate Immigration Reform

Sending an additional 1,500 troops to the U.S.- Mexico border will not keep children warm, comfort mothers, or feed any families, Friend.

People seeking refuge from violence and harm are not a threat to meet with military might. Right now, the presence of armed soldiers only intimidates and deters asylum seekers, many fleeing incredible violence and trauma. 

U.S. policies — foreign and domestic — have created and fueled the crisis. Whether it's crushing sanctions on Venezuela, armed interventions in Haiti, or a legal flow of U.S.-made guns that drench El Salvador and Guatemala in bullets, U.S. policies have driven violence and displacement across Latin America for decades.

There is no military solution to the United States’ immigration challenges. We need a system that treats asylum seekers and migrants with dignity and respect. It is inhumane and unacceptable for the United States to greet these people with armed forces rather than humanitarian aid. 

Today our country faces a critical choice: cruelty or compassion . As President Biden ramps up his re-election campaign, we have a critical moment to build something better and push him on the campaign promises he made four years ago. Can you join us?

Sign now to tell President Biden: Take immediate action to demilitarize the border and fulfill his campaign promise to create an immigration policy that humanizes people. 

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To President Biden:

There is no military solution to U.S. immigration challenges at the border. I call on you to make good on your campaign promises to advance a welcoming and inclusive vision for immigration,

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