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Tell Congress: Stop the Transfer of Cluster Bombs

The Biden administration’s decision to send cluster bombs to Ukraine is a devastating error. Cluster bombs are indiscriminate, inaccurate weapons that cause catastrophic civilian harm. They also have an unacceptably high rate of failure to detonate, inadvertently causing them to linger on the land for months, years, and even decades to come. 

When Russia used cluster bombs last year, the Biden administration said it was a “potential war crime” and emphatically declared at the UN cluster bombs have “no place on the battlefield.” But now the Biden administration is supplying these very weapons in a hypocritical about-face. 

Over the last few days, human rights organizations, members of Congress, and our international allies, including the governments of Spain and Canada, have all condemned the Biden administration’s decision. 

An act of Congress can effectively block this transfer of cluster bombs. That’s why Rep. Sara Jacobs and Ilhan Omar have introduced an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that is being voted on this week that will stop the Biden administration’s decision to send cluster bombs. 

Take 30 seconds and add your voice to this petition. Tell your Representative to support Rep. Jacobs and Omar’s amendment to stop the Biden administration’s decision to send cluster bombs.


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To members of the 118th House of Representatives: 

I urge you to support Amendment 1473 to H.R. 2670 — National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2024 offered by Representatives Sara Jacobs and Ilhan Omar which bans the sale or transfer of cluster munitions.


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