Win Without War

Urge Congress to show up and support LGBTQ+ people at Pride and beyond

This year — just days before the official start of Pride Month — the State Department issued a warning about potential violence at LGBTQ+ events.

Today, anti-LGBTQ+ hate is on the rise as local and national governments and right-wing groups increasingly demonize this community, particularly trans people. That looks like curtailing access to medical care, banning books with LGBTQ+ themes, censoring drag shows, and more. This year alone, over 500 bills that target and limit LGBTQ+ rights have been introduced in states across the United States.

Winning without war means building a world where everyone can thrive without the fear of violence.

That’s why now more than ever, it is crucial for our leaders to show solidarity with LGBTQ+ people by attending Pride events in DC and their home communities. Can you add your name to join our petition urging members of Congress to help build security through solidarity? 

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To members of the 118th Congress:

True peace means freedom from the threat of violence. I urge you to show up in support and solidarity in the face of threats against the LGBTQ+ community and attend a local Pride event this June.

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