Win Without War

Sign now: President Biden must prosecute Putin at the ICC.

Witness accounts of summary executions, repeated rapes, and the recent discovery of mass graves in the ruins of Bucha, in the suburbs of Kyiv are evidence that Putin’s soliders have committed and are committing war crimes. 

Human Rights Watch has documented unspeakable, deliberate cruelty and violence against Ukrainian civilians. World leaders have rushed to condemn the acts of Putin’s soldiers. President Biden and the United States government has started the process of collecting evidence to build a case of war crimes against Putin. 

But sadly we know all too often genuine accountability for these horrific acts is hard to achieve. A big reason why is that DC’s pro-war machine – eager to avoid accountability for our own war crimes – has fought hard against institutions like the International Criminal Court. 

They want you to believe the only ‘accountability’ for war crimes is for the U.S. to go to war. But we know better, and right now we need to show support for genuine justice for war crimes in Ukraine.

Sign now if you agree: President Biden must rally the world and prosecute Putin at the International Criminal Court for committing war crimes against the innocent civilians of Ukraine. 

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To President Biden:

I support the call to support President Putin’s prosecution at the International Criminal Court for apparent war crimes committed in Bucha and across Ukraine. I urge you to ensure the U.S. government does all it can to help deliver justice.


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