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Tell the Senate: Keep our priorities in the final Ukraine bill!

The eyes of the world remain on Ukraine — and that’s why your eyes are needed on the $40 BILLION supplemental Ukraine aid bill the House just passed. The Senate is expected to vote on it any day now.

Our progressive allies in the House came through for progressive priorities, ensuring that the massive aid package contains urgently needed humanitarian aid, refugee support, provisions to combat global food insecurity, and directives to multiple Inspectors General to track and oversee where ALL all this money goes.

Weapons manufacturers and their friends on the Hill also added $9.05 billion for the Pentagon to replace the weapons transferred to Ukraine — nearly double what the Pentagon requested and a huge incentive for price gouging and unnecessary weapons production. 

But this bill is going to pass the Senate, and fast. And we need to make sure they don’t cut the progressive priorities out before it gets to President Biden’s desk.

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To members of the 117th Senate:

We urge you to maintain vital funding for food and humanitarian assistance, refugee resettlement, and oversight in the Additional Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act (H.R. 7691). Without these measures, this bill will be just another handout to weapons makers and fail to comprehensively address the human suffering that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused.


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