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Tell Congress: Pass the Afghan Adjustment Act!

After the U.S. withdrew from Afghanistan, we welcomed tens of thousands of refugees into the country. One year later, approximately 76,000 Afghan refugees in the U.S. are struggling to find work and healthcare and are even at risk of losing their legal right to remain in the country. 

To address a looming humanitarian disaster of our own making, a bipartisan group of members of Congress have introduced the Afghan Adjustment Act in both the Senate and the House. 

Simply put, this bill will make changes to our immigration process for Afghan refugees and help facilitate their resettlement. It will provide a legal pathway for refugees to apply for green cards. It’ll also help relieve pressure on the special immigrant visa program, which is currently at a backlog of 70,000 applications, as well as our asylum process, which has 1.4 million cases to process.

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To members of the 117th Congress:

76,000 Afghan refugees are at risk of losing their protections to stay and work in the United States. I urge you to immediately pass the Afghan Adjustment Act and provide relief and assistance to Afghan refugees. 


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