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Tell the Senate to block Trump’s torture nominee

Donald Trump just nominated one of the architects of George W. Bush's torture program to a top job in his Administration. We can't let that happen. President Trump wants to bring back Steve Bradbury, a chief defender of the Bush torture program, to serve as his General Counsel at the Transportation Department.

The fact that the Bush team behind America's torture program, including Steven Bradbury, were never held accountable is exactly why we continue to read about alleged American involvement in even more brutal torture.

It's time to take a stand and make it clear - rewarding those behind Bush's torture program is unacceptable. Sign the petition to tell the Senate to reject Bradbury's confirmation.

Dear Senator,

The Bush administration’s torture program was an affront to our nation’s values and a dark stain in American history. Donald Trump rewarding Steven Bradbury - one of the key architects of that program - with a high-level U.S. government position is unacceptable. The architects of Bush’s torturer program have no place in our government. We strongly urge you to reject Steven Bradbury’s nomination to be General Counsel at the Department of Transportation.

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